Saturday, August 24, 2013

Spending time with Granny and Gramps

I blogged before about Hailey's love for her great grandparents (Granny and Gramps). We tried to spend as much time with them as we could while in Washington. Hailey was crawling all over their house. Granny actually plays with Hailey. On the floor, with toys surrounding them they both have a lot of fun together. Hailey is talking more and more! You could hear Hailey say, "Granny! I neeeeeed you!"
On one of the days we visited, G&G invited us to go to one of our favorite Portland restaurants, The Island Cafe. After lunch Hailey watched the ducks swim by and she'd try to quack back at them. 

One morning Josh offered to take Hailey to go to Starbucks with him. I got her dressed and they left. I thought I'd have at least an hour or more to myself. They were back in 20 minutes. Hailey wasn't wanting to do Starbucks that morning. She was a cranky pants, not wanting anything Josh or I offered. We couldn't make her happy and we were all getting towards the end of our rope. All the sudden Granny to the rescue!! Granny offered to take Hailey for a couple of hours and told Josh and I to go do something together. We decided to walk the mall and get lunch. 2 hours went by real fast.

A major positive thing about if we were able to move to Washington would be having family so close. Especially granny and gramps. To know that if I needed to I could have granny's help in watching Hailey during the day when everyone is at work. Granny enjoys it, Hailey loves it and I appreciate it!

We LOVE Granny and Gramps!

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