Sunday, July 7, 2019

How we spent the 4th of July

Where were we on the 4th of July? We were in Ridgecrest, California! Quick little Story time: our very close friends live in Ridgecrest and were having a birthday party for their daughter who Hailey absolutely adores. We decided to make a weekend out of it and head to California. During our drive my friend called me to ask if we’re alright. Confused I say we’re totally fine, we’re about to pull up to the house in about 2 minutes, but I wonder why she’s asking. She said they just had an earthquake! We get to her house and the news was on but everyone was pretty calm. Seemed like everyone had experience with earthquakes. I have not. Living in Las Vegas we will usually get the rumbles from California earthquakes but the last one I experienced was when Hailey was in Second grade, for maybe 5 long seconds. I do remember waking up during the Northridge quake when I was a kid. I thought my sister was shaking the bed to wake me up, she wasn’t.
While we were in Ridgecrest I did experience aftershocks and just those terrified me but what could be done? Nothing. Luckily I had friends there and my friends family there so they kept asking if I was alright. I appreciated their concern because my anxiety was on high. We did stay for a few hours but at the end of the day we headed to our hotel by Knotts Berry Farm. I always have Hailey’s medical Alert bracelet on Hailey and in the car we have the medical alert pads I make. Driving on the road after listening to the news, even though I was worried, I am glad I had it on her. I know I did NOT experience what the people of Ridgecrest and what my friend experienced by any means. They were directly involved. I was just a “bystander.” I still have this great worry though. I keep wanting updates from my friend, I want to watch the news, and I also wanted to get home. We stayed in a hotel for the rest of the trip and we did go to Knott’s Berry Farm (are you thinking we were crazy for staying?) and we did feel the effects of the 7.1 that happened the next day. We are home now, but I’m still thinking about it, and still thinking about my friend and her community. What are the odds that we were where we were?