Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Check out our Shoelace Charms

We have the cutest shoelace charms listed in our Etsy store!! They are listed with introductory pricing and are ready to ship! These are all limited quantity with only 1 or 2 of each available! They string through your laces. These are not clip ons. Get yours today!! 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

This years Hugs for Hailey fundraising shirts are available NOW!!

Parents of typical children, of Special needs children, medically fragile children, and all others in between would do anything for their kids. Before you eat you make sure your child had enough food, school needs are met by all those who interact with your child. You put blind faith into doctors, teachers, aides, therapists, even friends and family that they will treat your child as you would. Putting them first. 
Letting Hailey grow up means I’m letting go of a piece of my heart. My heart beats for Hailey 24/7 so for this years shirt that is the design I chose. You can literally see my heartbeat for Hailey. 
We now have our new Hugs for Hailey Heartbeat shirts available!! This is our biggest fundraising item! With Hailey’s birthday, and summer coming up we try to raise as much money as we can to be able to do fun things with Hailey! Some of our goals include taking Hailey to disneyland and to Buffalo for a Leukodystrophy family symposium! Just those two trips alone cost more then we can afford. We also have Hats available as well!! We always appreciate the support and if you don’t want a shirt but want to donate you can visit our blog and donate directly there. 
We have lots of colors of shirts to pick from! Shop over at our Etsy store! 
Red shirt w/yellow
Royal blue w/white
Heather green w/cream 
Heather orange w/cream
Robin Egg w/orange
Black w/gold
Pink w/purple
Yellow w/black
White w/red
Purple w/silver
Heather grey w/light blue 
Sizes are 2T-4T
Youth Small-Youth Large
Unisex Small - XLarge
If you are interested in bigger sizes or in tank tops we can do those too but that would be a custom order since those aren’t readily available and additional costs would be applied. Just message me! 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

$5 Friday Shamrock edition

Have you wanted to try out our iron ons from our Etsy store? Here is your chance to get an easy yet cute iron on in time for St. Patrick's Day. 
For $5 dollars you can purchase this iron on and instructions and create your own St. Patty's Day shirt! For $5 you will get the iron on and instructions to follow. Place iron on over your preferred cotton shirt and press with house hold iron that has a cotton setting. You'll be done in less then 20 minutes and you will have a shirt for March 17th!
Iron on measures approx 11"x 2" and is a Green Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl. 

Once you see how easy it is you can start creating your own custom shirts with my help! 

Check out our Etsy shop to purchase this LIMITED iron on. We have 5 set in our shop READY TO SHIP!!

Tis the season for 5Ks

The beginning of the year means the beginning of 1-mile walks and 5Ks to support all the organizations and charities that have supported our family. First up is the Little Miss Hannah Foundation. Their race day is Sunday February 18th with Hailey being one of the VIP kids. Register under Team Hugs for Hailey. 
After that we have the Children's Heart Foundation 1-mike Walk and 5K which is on Saturday February 24th. http://chcen.convio.net/goto/HugsForHailey
Then in March we have the Walk for Wishes which will be on the 10th. Our partners for this event already raised $4,440 but our goal is $5000 so we need more people on our team!! If you’ve been on our team in the past we’d love to have you again!! The link to register is
Also if you want to wait until June you’ll be able to donate to the Hunter's Hope Foundation which takes place in Buffalo. So many to choose from!! 
If you would like to join or donate to our team for any of these organizations please feel free. Each one means something different but are equally special to us.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Happy 3 year Pacemaker Anniversary

Today marks 3 years since Hailey's Pacemaker surgery. I won't re-write everything I have already talked about. If you would like to read the blog post of that time you can do so here:

Hailey's MRI and Pacemaker Surgery Story

So far living with the pacemaker has greatly improved Hailey's quality of life. We have tried to be a part of this "children with Heart issues" society and we've done a lot with them. We've been a part of family picnics and this year we will be walking the family 1 mile walk to raise money for Children with heart issues. We've even met another little girl who has just recently has a pacemaker placed.

We've had TONS of doctor appointments associated with having a pacemaker. It has not been a set it and forget it type of device. Hailey's pacemaker paces 99% of the time. We all greatly depend on this tiny device. We used to have a machine that send data over phone lines, now we have one that does it over bluetooth and my cell phone. Technology is always improving.

We still travel to Utah for Hailey's cardiology appointments but we did have to establish a "home" cardiologist as well. We always want to be prepared.

Hailey will be taking treats to school to share with the kids as we celebrate her pacemakers birthday.

Time sure does fly by...

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Etsy Store ReStock

Our Etsy shop is re-stocked with LOTS of fun items!! We have dessert platters, Las Vegas Ribbons, more decals, bucket decals for Halloween, Valentines and Easter, even princess laptop decals!

We also do lots of custom orders too. Let me know if you have something in mind. We can do any logo and we've even done some custom shirts! 

Check everything out while everything is in STOCK! 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Custom Ornaments are listed in our Etsy Shop

We now have our custom ornaments listed in our Etsy shop! I have designed some to give you ideas, but feel free to message me about creating your own! Pick your glitter color and pick your Vinyl color!! 

These custom ornaments are perfect for:
*teachers gifts
*newly married couples
*animal lovers

We also have car decals, custom Halloween Buckets, and greeting cards available for purchase!

The holidays are coming up and we want to raise as much money as we can to make sure Hailey has the best Holidays possible! We enjoy working on these things together!! 

We can also do custom shirts! Just message me your ideas and we can bring them to a shirt!