Sunday, August 28, 2016

Leukodystrophy Awareness

September is Leukodystrophy awareness month! We have decided to open our booster back up for anyone who would like to purchase a Hugs for Hailey t-shirt! These are the American Apparel super soft shirts! We also have NEW fun colors! You'll even get your shirt in time to wear it for the month of September!

Check them out HERE!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

We've decided on a theme

Hailey has decided that she wants an Inside Out birthday party! Of course just like last year the theme she picks is the hardest one to find! Last year it was Shopkins and that theme did not exist. Fast forward to this year and Shopkins are easy to find...
So I will be on the look out searching high and low for Inside Out party supplies. I have also updated Hailey's Amazon wish list and added some books. May is around the corner, wish me luck!!! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Haircut and a donation

It was time for Hailey to get a haircut...according to her dad. I would personally always keep it super long. It is just easier to braid when it's long and one length, but Hailey agreed with her dad so we got a haircut. Not just a trim either! We chopped off 9 inches!!! 

Hailey had just read about Junie B Jones going to the beauty shop and she was thrilled she got to do something that Junie B got to do also. 
We made an appointment with our favorite beauty clinician and off we went!  
 Hailey did a great job. She got her hair washed, and her head massaged and she enjoyed a bit of Curious George on the iPhone. Hailey being the chatterbox that she is went on and on about our last trip to Disneyland and then just had general chit chat! After it was all done she loved her new look!

Thank you to Witney for always taking such good care of Hailey when she comes and sees you. I don't think it'll be another 2 years before we see you again though. I really like the length! 

I told Hailey that we were going to donate her hair to other kids that needed it. Hailey never says no to donating. We try to purge her toys every couple months and she never fights me. She always tells me about the kids who might get her toys. Love that she's good about it. 

We decided to donate to Children With Hair Loss and they thanked us on twitter for it!

 When Hailey saw herself in the mirror after getting her hair done she told me, 
"Mom! I look like I'm 10!!!"
Funny girl! 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Items in our Etsy Store

I just added a banner to the far right of the blog that will take you straight to the Hugs for Hailey Etsy shop! I've added a few new super cute necklaces and we've also reduced the prices on some of our "classic" pieces!! Be sure to check them out before they GONE! Last time most of these were sold before I even posted about them!!

These are our new Tsum Tsum Necklaces!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Necklaces in our Etsy Shop!

 We have added a WHOLE bunch of necklaces to our shop!! We will be using the money raised to enroll Hailey into HippoTherapy. Hippo Therapy is therapy on horseback. We've been off for a very long time while Hailey recovered from her pacemaker surgery. 

We got the go ahead and we are crossing our fingers we can attend this session that starts this month! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Giving Tuesday

Today is giving Tuesday. What is Giving Tuesday? We have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting deals. Now, we have #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.

It’s a simple idea. Just find a way for your family, your community, your company or your organization to come together to give something more. I've listed just a few organizations that are close to our hearts that are a part of our lives and that have helped our daughter, Hailey, in more ways then one. 
I've talked about all the wonderful events that Make a Wish puts on for the Wish Families. I've told you how much I felt loved and welcome with Hunter's Hope and the research and help they provide to Leukodystrophy families. You read about our stay at Give Kids the World and you see photos weekly of Hailey at horse therapy at Spirit. Who could forget the wonderful birthday cake she was given from Icing Smiles? I really loved the pictures from the Peach Party we attended! Who would have thought that Hailey could smile even bigger when she saw her Frozen shoes? 
I really wanted to go into depth with each one but since I've blogged in detail I feel as if it would be redundant. If you are planning on giving, consider 1 or all of these great organizations that help families and children forget for a moment the cards life has dealt them. They have helped us to #MakeMemories with Hailey and I can't thank them enough!! 
You can follow the links to the donation pages of each organization and you can even donate in Hailey's honor: 

Together let's celebrate #GivingTuesday

Monday, December 1, 2014

DoTerra Essential Oils December Promotion!!!

This month is the month where more wellness advocates sign up then any other! It has officially been 1 year since I signed up to be a Wellness Advocate for DoTerra Essential oils. I have told the story of how I found doTERRA but a quick recap is:

I had brought Hailey home from Primary Childrens after her g-tube surgery in October 2012. I went to a craft fair in February of 2013 to sell our Hugs for Hailey necklaces and a woman came up to me asked me about Hailey and she took a pamphlet I had put together. About 2 hours later with tears in her eyes she gave me a full sized Frankincense Essential Oil. She told me to use it on my family. Just a drop or 2 with fractionated coconut oil on the bottoms of our feet and the back of our neck.
I took my time to read about Frankincense and how it's been around FOREVER, what are it's common uses, and how it's a bit expensive to get the CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade). I wanted to continue to use this oil but I could NOT freely spend $93.00
I was told that if I signed up to be a wellness advocate I would only have to spend $69.75 BUT I also learned that I could earn points through promotional items and sales and I could get the Frankincense for FREE! Now we are talking!

So last December I spoke to one of the lady's who have been with doTERRA for YEARS and she was kind enough to gift me a membership and a kit to be a wellness advocate which came with points to start me out getting free items after 3 months. Last year the promotion that ran is the same one that I thought was a great deal. You sign up to be a wellness advocate and choose a kit. There are many to choose from but the 2 I looked at were these ones: 

With the Family Physician kit you get the most popular oils and then since you need a product value of 200 or 200PV you can add the oils that you REALLY want to get that remaining PV. The Family Physician Kit is 110 PV so if you look at the doTERRA price list you can add another 90PV to your order and you will get a FREE Frankincense!!!!

For example you can get the:
Family Physician Kit with 11 oils for 110 PV 
Cedar wood for 13 PV 15ml bottle
Eucalyptus for 14 PV 15ml bottle
Clove for 14 PV 15ml bottle
Vetiver for 34.50 PV 15ml bottle
Fennel for 15 PV for 15ml bottle
That'll get you to 200 PV and you'll get a free Frankincense with your order. But you can TOTALLY order which ever oils you would like to order. The list of oils and their uses are located HERE

If you want an enrollment kit that has your 200 PV already planned out for you then you can get this kit which I also love because of the diffuser: 

It's all the most popular oils and all but one come in the 15ml bottles. With this kit you will get a free Frankincense!! 

Being that it's cyber Monday I thought this deal was a really good one. If you don't want to sell doTERRA products but you want to use them and pay a discounted price (like me) then this month is a great month to sign up with the FREE Frankincense offer. 

To sign up simply visit my site and fill out this form

If you want further information you can always email me and ask!!