Wednesday, August 23, 2017

In June Hailey went to Summer Camp

Hailey being able to go to summer camp isn't something that we thought that Hailey would be able to participate in. There is a camp just for children with heart conditions here where we live and Hailey was able to go! Hailey is too medically fragile to be able to attend by herself independently so we decided to all go for the day as a family. It was so much fun and we all loved every minute!

Here are some highlights of what we did at Camp Mend a Heart!

 Hailey was able to do the rock climbing wall with some help from her dad. Good thing he is tall and could help her go pretty high. She loved it! 

If you know Hailey you know she LOVES arts and crafts! The kids made rain sticks and collected autographs. We even found another little girl that was going to be getting a pacemaker the week after. Hailey quickly made lots of friends. 

Archery was next on our activity list and even though this was an extremely difficult task, Hailey still tried her best and had so much fun! 

They had a private lake where all the kids were able to test out their skills at using a canoe. Hailey could have stayed out on the water for hours. 

We let her stay out as long as the sun was hidden by cloud cover. It was about 20 degrees cooler at camp, but when it's 120* in Las Vegas 20 degrees less is still HOT! 

The scenery was incredible! The camp was very prepared and while Hailey was there she was able to use the golf carts to get to the different activities and we even had to visit the nurses tent to cool off with a popsicle and gatorade for a bit. 

It was such a treat for us to be able to have Hailey experience this. 

So many fun activities for the kids! 

This opportunity was given to these children free of charge through fundraising and donations. Thank you to Camp Mend a Heart for inviting Hailey to camp!