Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gold with Red Crackle.

I really like the look of this one!

White with Red Crackle

Crackle is definitely addicting! HA! 

Pink with White Crackle!

Took me a while to get the hang or trying to do a crackle pendant, but I figured it out and went a bit nuts with it..LOL!

Stars with White Background

Told you I could stop with the stars! I LOVE these Stars!

Packaged with no Flash
 In package with flash!

Royal Blue with Sparkles

I didn't even realize I had this color in my stash until my sister Sasha asks where the pendant was with this blue color...Well here ya go! 

No Flash
 With Flash!

Stars with Pink!

I can't stop making the pendants with stars. I heart this one and had to make an extra for Hailey. After I made it she told me, "Oh mom, it's booty-ful!"

Stars at Night

This is by far my new favorite. It is like the night sky filled with stars and sparkles. We don't see many stars here in Vegas so this pendant is one of new favorites!

Without Flash

With Flash.
This is a must see outside in the sun!

Bright Green with Sparkles!

This green is almost a NEON green! This picture is with flash.
 This is without.

Stars with a Blue Background

These pendants look totally different when you have them out in the sun. You can really see the sparkle and glitter. I found these starts and it instantly reminded me of the stars that illuminate Hailey's room at night. She received a Dream Lites from some awesome cashiers at CVS who have become close friends. Every night she sleeps under the stars. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

No, that's blue.

A really pretty pale blue! 

Is that Brown or Red?

This one changes color from a dark red to darkish brown with sparkles. 

This picture was taken closer up but with out the flash! 

My Pink One!

Pink has always been Hailey's favorite color! 

Blue is your favorite Color!

Hailey always tells her dad that his favorite color is it?

It's Dark in here!

Another one of my Favorites! Black goes with everything! 

Eyes are Blue

Hailey has her dads blue eyes!

Orange you glad to see me!

That is Hailey's favorite Knock Knock joke! 

G is for Grandma

Both of Hailey's Grandma's like Gold. There is one without Sparkles like this one or one with.

Purple is my Favorite Color!

I always seem to reach for this one to wear! 

Ruby Red

This one reminds me of glittery fancy shoes! 

Grey Sparkle Pink Hearts

Hailey Loves Pink! The pink hearts and all the glitter behind sparkle in the sunlight! 

Friday, August 17, 2012


Welcome to Hugs for Hailey! We are ready to go live with our blog and share our story. We are selling "handmade" necklaces that Hailey and I have worked on "together." She likes to pick the colors! We are selling each necklace for a $10 gift. If you need me to ship it to you it'll be $3.95 US shipping (up to 4 necklaces for quantities of 5 or more is $5.95 and international shipping is $16.95). We have a twitter and facebook page so please share with friends and family! Each necklace is made to order and I will start taking orders on September 4th. Please take a look at the ones I have displayed and if there is one you would like to have please email me at and I can send you an invoice through paypal!

Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us in this. Please enjoy your very own Hug for Hailey necklace!