Thursday, April 27, 2017

Guess who's having a birthday soon?

Every year people anticipate what theme will Hailey have for her birthday? Any guesses??

As we get the party planning underway Hailey did pick a theme and really it couldn't be anymore perfect for Hailey. 

This years theme is:


Have you seen this movie? Trolls have times throughout the day that's designated as HUG TIME! That's perfect for our Hailey! 

The Trolls theme hasn't been easy to come by. We did find a few things at Target and we did apply for a cake through Icing Smiles. I just got word they did find a baker, but they have not contacted me directly yet...

Everything else will probably be Pinterest inspired or purchased on Amazon and I can't wait! 

If you want to get Hailey a gift off of her Amazon Wish list that is located HERE.
If you'd like to make a monetary donation you can do that HERE.  

We can't wait for May!! 

March Happenings

Wow! So I'm just now posting about March when April is almost over...LOL! Things have been crazy over hear as per usual so lets get this update started.

 March was the annual Walk for Wishes event. In the past you saw Hailey in all the promotional videos prior to the race. Sadly not this year. It's others turn. Our teams were huge back then! Our team was about half the size of last years, but we still walked and raised money for wish kids like Hailey! 

Every year Hailey and her cousin cross the finish line together holding hands. This year was no different! 

We did catch our friend Captain Jack walking and join him and his crew for a bit. 

You can't have leprechauns not be mischievous on St. Patrick's Day! This is always so funny to Hailey. 

There were so many nice days weather wise at the barn where Hailey does Horse Therapy. When the chickens lay eggs Hailey wears the egg apron and goes collecting. She LOVES it! 

The way this chicken looks at us cracks me up! HA! HA! 

Hailey's Horse Lena is the second horse we've done therapy with. When Hailey started we worked with another horse. Does anyone remember his name? 

When Hailey first started lessons she worked with Pablo. 
 He did a great job with Hailey. It's a scary thing to ride a horse when you've never done it before, especially as a mom letting your child ride a horse when they never have before. 

Sadly Pablo did pass away unexpectedly and our hearts were broken. When we told Hailey she asked if Pablo was with our Daisy, who passed away last year, in heaven? She's understanding more and more and it's very sad how much death we experience. She loses a lot of friends. 
 But we keep the memories. Goodbye sweet horse. We will miss seeing you Pablo! 

The month of April is on it's way our and May is around the corner. You all know what happens in May right?!?!?!?