Thursday, August 22, 2013

Family Fun Day - VooDoo Doughnuts

While getting to spend the day in Portland one morning we stopped for "breakfast." One place we went to last time we were here (one week prior to Hailey's biggest episode) was VooDoo Doughnuts! They have some CRAZY donuts at this place. You can smell the yeast, sugar, and BACON all the way from the parking lot. 
Lucky for us it was a weekday and the line was only about 20 people long. Last year at the first location we went to there were easily 200+ people in line. We went to their 2nd location and there were only about 40. This time the line was a breeze! It was warm and sunny out so we opted to eat outside under an umbrella. 

When we asked Hailey which one she wanted she pointed to the Marshall Mathers Doughnut. It was covered in M&M's...Get it? LOL!! So she picked at the M&M's and probably ate about 5. That's a lot for her. She is not a sweets person. Never has been. She never liked cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or brownies. She has always loved popsicles and occasionally ice cream. 

When it came time for me to pick a doughnut I was overwhelmed by the choices. I ended up picking this: 

This is called The Old Dirty Bastard Doughnut. Isn't that hilarious? It is very odd to go up to a stranger and ask to have, "One Old Dirty Bastard please." It's embarrassing and fun at the same time. It has chocolate frosting, crushed Oreos and Peanut butter drizzle. YUM!!!!

Another yummy doughnut was this:

It's the Memphis Mafia doughnut. Not such a fun name to say, but look how delicious it looks! So Good! 
Josh ended up getting a Bacon Maple Bar. The most popular VooDoo Doughnut. It was very good too.  Sweet and Salty. Perfect! 

After breakfast we made our way over to one of Josh's favorite places. The Duck Store. Every time we are Portland this is a must. It's the only place he wants to make sure we stop at. 
(The sunflowers aren't from our Portland trip, they are from a family member that said I needed some sunshine! I love getting flowers! It doesn't happen nearly enough. Thank you Cousin Julia for the Sunshine!!!) 

After eating the doughnuts I thought we would all be in a sugar coma after not having sugar for 45 prior to this but surprisingly after our day Hailey napped on the way home. 

So we sat outside, enjoyed our doughnuts, made it to the Duck Store and enjoyed time together as a family. Memories made. Check! 

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