Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Look TREES!!!

When we landed in Portland on our way to Vancouver we were in Hailey's Grandparents suburban with the windows down and the cool air blowing in. When we left Vegas it was 111* when we landed it was 66*
As we are driving down the road Hailey kept putting her hand out the window to touch the air and then all the sudden she shouted, "TREES!!!" My poor desert baby could barely believe her eyes with all the green that surrounded her. Since I grew up in Vegas, I don't care so much about trees and bugs. Hailey's granny always laughs when she says, "Jessica doesn't like nature." It's true. I'll admit it. Josh's parents will leave a door open and something will fly in and I'll go hide. One night when something flew in and I ducked I was asked why? What flew in? I said in a very concerned tone, "it was a bee the size of a small elephant." 
When we were in Washington Josh had his 20 year high school reunion. Part of the reunion was to have a family day at the park. Hailey had a ball! The kids that came were right around her age and where so very sweet to her. One of the new friends she made had a special treat for all the kids. They brought along glitter tattoos! Hailey already LOVES tattoos, but when you add glitter...WATCH OUT! 

Living in 100+ degree weather doesn't make for a fun experience at the park so in Vegas, we don't do parks. In Washington you can sit in the shade and be cool or sit in the sun and feel warm. Hailey wanted to do everything at the park. She wanted to swing on the swings, she wanted to be with all the new friends, she wanted to be a kid. Something she doesn't get to be in Vegas. Hailey was so happy that someone even brought their puppy with. *Thanks for bringing the pup Chelsea! Not only did Hailey meet new friends, I enjoyed all the new people I met as well! Thank you all who came and made this trip to the park so much fun for us!!

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