Monday, August 26, 2013

Grampa's Truck

Hailey was very into trucks after seeing her Grandpa's 59 Chevy when we were up in Washington. She wanted to sit in it and buckle her seat belt and put her hands on the wheel and "drive." 
Josh and I took the truck for a spin and with Josh not being used to a "3 on the tree" transmission we were jerking and stalling all over the place. I was not enjoying myself, but every time we stopped we'd get comments on how cool the truck was. When Josh's dad drives the truck it moves smooth as butter. 

Hailey's grandpa let us put a vinyl Hugs for Hailey sticker on his back window during Hailey's open House. When Hailey went to IKEA she came back with 3 trucks and a rug that had streets on it. She had lots of fun inviting anyone that came over to come play with her. Lots of fun!

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