Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Happy Birthday for Josh

July 25th was Josh's birthday. It was the same day as Hailey's Pre-K graduation. While Hailey finished out her day at school I went home to try my hand at a Paleo birthday cake for Josh. We invited both my sisters, Hailey's cousins and then my mom over for a Paleo dinner. 

Hailey's favorite part was singing Happy Birthday to her dad and helping him blow out his special Strawberry Shortcake candle!

Now when it came time to cut and eat the cake I think that curve ball I threw at the kids was almost a cruel joke. The cake LOOKED yummy, it tasted...meh...what do you expect from a cake with ZERO sugar? I don't think a single one of them took a 2nd bite. The "frosting" was refrigerated full fat coconut milk whipped for a few minutes on HIGH. There was even a "chocolate" layer that someone (I won't say mom) asked me if there was a plastic separator I forgot to remove between the layers...Well at least I gave it a go right? Josh hates cake anyway. He is a pie guy, but I didn't find a paleo pie recipe in time that I had all the ingredients for. The last time my sisters and I were together I didn't get a picture. The one time I remember to take a picture I didn't realize I didn't put any make up on that day...oy! If it's not one thing it's another! 

After cake Hailey helped Josh open his presents. Hailey bought her dad some fancy new socks and was happy to show them to him! 

Hope you had a good birthday Josh! We LOVE you!! <3  

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