Friday, May 10, 2013

Hailey's Make a Wish - Becoming a Princess

Part of Hailey's Make a Wish was to be a Princess. You can accomplish this at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Now we took Hailey to do this in California, but when you are a wish kid and you go it's a whole different experience!
In the beginning I was given a 6pm appointment and I knew we wouldn't be able to get Hailey to play along so late in the day. We were also having our princess meet and  greet from 10am-3pm and she wouldn't get to be a princess WITH the princesses. I called and called and this place is JAM packed. I had no luck changing the appointment. One of Hailey's "likers" on facebook suggested I go as a walk in. The stars aligned and as I got in line a lady in front of me spoke the words, "my daughter has an appointment in 10 minutes I have to cancel." I was then able to get that spot for Hailey and we were in! 

One excited little girl! She was able to pick a dress and with how much she loves pink, I would have bet that Sleeping Beauty would be her inspiration. Nope. She wanted the blue dress, because that's daddy's favorite color. How cute is that? Cinderella, coming up!

 They really made this place look like a fancy boutique! 
 After getting dressed as Cinderella it was time to meet our Fairy Godmother in Training. Hailey wasn't able to completely hold herself up in the chair for that long, so she sat on my lap.
 We got our BBB Cape on and now we have to pick a hairstyle.

 Of course Hailey picked the hairstyle that included a CROWN! 
 Decisions Decisions. What color crown to pick?

 This was Hailey's Scepter that came with her outfit! 
 This is great shot of the Boutique!
 Gel, brush, spray, rubber bands, and bobby pins!

 Look at these fairy godmother's in training having some fun. What a cool job! 

 Princess Pink Nail polish! 
 These little face jewels were a HUGE hit with Hailey. She LOVES those things. Luckily they gave us extra!!

 Thank you Fairy Godmother! You do great work!

 We were also scheduled with a photo shoot that we did. I have to re-find those pictures since they were lost when my computer crashed. 
Now it's off to meet some real Princesses!! Here we go! **Side note: I never knew that at the magic kingdom you couldn't walk through Sleeping Beauty's castle? I find that odd. 
 Hailey has her autograph book and pen ready to go! 

 Look! Twins!! Hailey loved to touch and hold hands with each princess. They each gave Hailey a little extra attention. We had one happy little girl. I bet these princesses don't realize how special they are to little girls that come see them.

This was a great part of our trip. Hailey was in such good spirits while getting her hair and make up done. A smile from ear to ear with each princess she met. 
Special thank you to Hailey's Aunt Megan (my sister in law) for taking all these great pictures for us. I wouldn't have had these since I was holding Hailey in the chair. These are very much appreciated! Thank you Aunt Megs!!

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