Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spine Wellness Center Fundraiser for Hailey and Cooper

Hailey and I are both patients at Spine Wellness Center. With Doctors telling us there is no treatment for Hailey's disease we have to find different ways to improve Hailey's quality of life. When I learned about NUCCA or National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association I didn't know how it differed to regular chiropractic practices. I knew at a regular chiropractor they pop and crack you and I didn't want that for Hailey. This is COMPLETELY different!! 

I took this from Wikipedia: 

NUCCA practitioners believe that scientific investigation has demonstrated that a misalignment (subluxation) of the C1 area results in over-excitation of an area of the brainstem that controls tone of postural musculature. They believe that this stressor on the nervous system results in postural imbalances and unequal leg lengths. Posture can be analyzed utilizing different postural measurement tools although NUCCA protocol officially recognizes only the Anatometer. Leg length checks are performed in the supine position differing from other chiropractic techniques.

Hailey has been a patient of Dr. Sarah Johnson has also seen Dr. Lisa Strickland since December of last year, and Hailey really loves going there. I remember when we were first seen and Hailey wasn't able to sit up on her own and Hailey never spoke. Hailey still grew a friendship with the staff and Doctors there. They truly care about Hailey and their patients. 

Spine Wellness Center offered to sponsor a Picnic Fundraiser for Hailey and another patient named Cooper. Cooper is 15 years old and battling Leukemia. We were so touched by the generosity of Dr. Johnson and Dr. Strickland and all the companies, friends, and families that helped with setting up, and donations for the event. 

 When the day of the fundraiser came Hailey was very excited to be going to her carnival! We invited lots of friends and we were excited for the fun activities planned.

 The awesome staff and incredible Dr.'s from Spine Wellness Center

We can't thank these Dr.'s enough! We love the relationship we have formed with them and their staff. They have such huge hearts to help our Hailey and we appreciate that SO much! Big HUGS!!

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