Friday, August 30, 2019

We will check the seizures with an EEG

Once we were all settled in after the life flight crew dropped us off, the EEG was set up and it would run for about 24 hours. It would also audio and video record Hailey during this time. If you or your child ever had an EEG done, you know that the glue/goop they use is pretty though to wash out. We had the help of a nurse tech and after the EEG was done we washed Hailey’s hair. Hailey has the hair of a little lion. It’s so thick and we must have worked on shampooing, scrubbing, and de tangling it for at least an hour, and that’s with 2 of us working on it. With as many people that have EEGs every single day you’d think they’d invent an easier to remove goo. While I was speaking to doctors after shampooing Hailey’s hair with the tech, hailey had said she wanted Anna braids in her hair. The nurse tech was so amazing that SHE braided Hailey’s hair for her! They talked about favorite animals, favorite colors and just had a sweet little spa day moment. This hospital is honestly incredible, but it also takes incredible people to be that way. Our nurse tech was amazing!

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