Friday, August 30, 2019

Our second flight for life trip to Salt Lake

After Hailey finally really woke up from being sedated after her seizures, the Las Vegas doctors called the Utah doctors and we went back and forth on where Hailey should be treated. Hailey had a bad night with crying, headaches, and vomiting and even though they ordered an EEG to be done the tech just never showed up, it didn’t get done and I think that’s when Utah decided to accept Hailey as a patient. We’d need help though, especially with insurance since the hospital already agreed to take Hailey. Fortunately through the  Hunter's Hope Foundation we have a health care coordinator for the LCN (Leukodystrophy Care Network) I emailed Emily and she took care of everything! In less then 6 hours we were going to have a medical transport for Hailey.
I debated back and forth for those 6 hours if I would fly with Hailey and her dad drive, or if her dad would fly. The last time I did that flight I got SO sick, then Hailey got sick, then there was vomit everywhere. Finally Hailey decided that she needed mom. So I sucked up and went with her. 🤢 then I promised her dad that if we EVER had to do this again it’s all him and I’m driving.
Emily was at the hospital and so was the tech for the EEG. Things were happening NOW! Emily asked me what I needed and she started a list. Besides having the EEG and seeing the neurologist, we will need to see Cardiology and check Hailey’s pacemaker, we needed a referral for physical medicine, a teacher/school note and recommendations, medication counseling and the list goes on. Emily put it all into place. I didn’t have to jump around to find the specialists, they were all coordinated to come to us and they were all a part of Hailey’s team. Thanks to the amazing people and parents who work to put the LCN together our stay at Primary Children’s was going to be so much less stressful. We really want to thank Emily for all her help! Tomorrow I’ll talk about the EEG and how that went.

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