Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Eye Patch

Hailey went to the ophthalmologist in December and received a new prescription for her glasses and then we were asked to come back 4 weeks later. The doctor did not get the result she had wanted and told us that with Hailey's progressive disease her prescription isn't keeping up with her sight. 

She wants us to try and strengthen Hailey's "bad eye" by patching her "better" eye for about 2 months. It is only for 2 hours everyday and the one thing that makes it not so tough is that Hailey gets to pick from some pretty cute designs. The ones we bought her even have glitter! Who doesn't love glitter?!  Hailey is such a go with the flow type of gal I'm so glad that she is a good sport and doesn't fight this new thing we just threw at her. 

We were able to find these on Amazon and we were able to use some Amazon gift cards that were given to us. We really appreciated those gift cards to be able to use during this surprise expense. 

January is almost over but there is one last thing that we must highlight this month...

Hailey's 1 year Pacemaker Anniversary!! 

More on that later!

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