Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Haircut and a donation

It was time for Hailey to get a haircut...according to her dad. I would personally always keep it super long. It is just easier to braid when it's long and one length, but Hailey agreed with her dad so we got a haircut. Not just a trim either! We chopped off 9 inches!!! 

Hailey had just read about Junie B Jones going to the beauty shop and she was thrilled she got to do something that Junie B got to do also. 
We made an appointment with our favorite beauty clinician and off we went!  
 Hailey did a great job. She got her hair washed, and her head massaged and she enjoyed a bit of Curious George on the iPhone. Hailey being the chatterbox that she is went on and on about our last trip to Disneyland and then just had general chit chat! After it was all done she loved her new look!

Thank you to Witney for always taking such good care of Hailey when she comes and sees you. I don't think it'll be another 2 years before we see you again though. I really like the length! 

I told Hailey that we were going to donate her hair to other kids that needed it. Hailey never says no to donating. We try to purge her toys every couple months and she never fights me. She always tells me about the kids who might get her toys. Love that she's good about it. 

We decided to donate to Children With Hair Loss and they thanked us on twitter for it!

 When Hailey saw herself in the mirror after getting her hair done she told me, 
"Mom! I look like I'm 10!!!"
Funny girl! 

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