Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Gifts from Hailey's Grandparents

This past Christmas Hailey received 2 really fun gifts. From her Granny and Gramps (Her Great Grandparents) Hailey was given a gift card to Build a Bear and lunch date. I thought that instead of just holding on to the gift card and going back to Vegas that we would go to Build a Bear and take Granny and Gramps with us so that we could make some fun animals and some fun memories too! It worked out great! Even if it was a very cold, windy, wet day...I guess that's my part of the memory...LOL! 

 Picking which animals is always the toughest part! Even the animals you see pictured above were not the ones we ended up with. Ms. Hailey changed her mind MANY times before settling on the final product. She kept saying NEXT time I'll make those ones.

When we finally picked the right animals to stuff we got right to it. This is Hailey's favorite part! 

You must wash and fluff your animals and then take them to the dressing room for clothing. After that is all done you take them to get their birth certificates. 

Daddy and Gramps walked around the mall and left the girls to the action. Hailey LOVES Build a Bear so this gift and memory was PERFECT! Thank you Granny and Gramps!

The gift Hailey got from her Grandma and Grandpa was to get to go see Shrek the Musical at the Children's Theater. I don't know too many detail since it was just a day for them and Hailey, but from the photos it looked like a lot of fun!

Hailey was able to go backstage and meet the cast. They all signed Hailey's program and took photos with her!
Hailey LOVED the pink and purple! Thanks grandma and grandpa.

Giving Hailey a gift that was also a memory was such a great idea! She had lots of fun and spent some time with her grandparents and her great grandparents. I wanted to make sure that I blogged about it so that we can look back on it. We are all about making memories this year and this was a great way to start! 

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