Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our Story Continues...Cupcakes and Hugs for Hailey

While we were in Utah after Hailey's surgery I found out that  Happy Thoughts Bakery (a local at home cupcake bakery) wanted to have a fundraiser for Hailey. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that someone who I barely knew and who had never met Hailey wanted to do something so generous for Hailey and our family. Every time I thought about it I got teary. 
Then all the vendors that donated items to the event was amazing. More people who did not know me or Hailey or Josh wanted to help. They donated time, they donated items they just showed up to drop off a donation. It was AMAZING!
There was a silent auction with some really great items! 
 Tons of fun things for kids!
 We even brought Hailey down to make an appearance and she did GREAT!! 
 I want to make sure that I thank our Friends (New and Old) and our family members and everyone who was a part of Cupcakes and Hugs for Hailey. Everyone who donated items, helped spread the word, and came out.

Megan - You will always hold a special place in my heart for doing this for my daughter! Saying thank you will never be enough!

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