Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Story Continues...A ramp

An issue that we never thought we'd have is getting Hailey in and out of the house safely. As I said before she has "issues" with bumps or changes in levelness...(is that a word?) Bumps in the road set off her reflexes and it scares her and then she cries. When I had a meeting with a home nurse agency they suggested a wheelchair ramp in case there is an emergency. If we were to get a home nurse that there should be 2 accessible exits (ramps would be best) and we didn't have one let alone 2. Josh racked his brain to think how we would get this done and how we would be able to even pay for it. I think insurance should have to pay for it, but since they don't even pay for bathing items seeing how they think bathing is not a necessity that wasn't going to happen. We were stuck. We didn't know what to do, or how to get it done. 

A local construction company came to our rescue! They offered to help give Hailey a ramp to safely get in and out of the house. Josh had called me to let me know they were coming the next morning to start and that he'd be on his way to start to clear the backyard. My mom was over and she sat next to Hailey while I went outside to start to move bricks. My dad also came to lend a hand.
Josh got home around 7pm and my brother in law came over to help him. They had everything cleared in about 2 hours.
Backyard is ready for cement! 
 This was our backyard after we removed the bricks from it. We had it all ready for the crew to come in level it out and pour concrete. They would also pour from the side of the house to the front. Perfect for Hailey's chair.
 They did everything in 2 days! They framed and leveled and the next day they would pour the concrete. I was so excited this was happening for Hailey. What a generous company to help us with this HUGE task that we had been worrying about.
 Here are our old steps! 
 Time to pour the concrete!!
 Removing the old concrete. 
 Leveling the backyard out after the concrete has been poured. 
Everything looked great! We just had to wait until it cured and we'd be able to use it. You know how you don't know how much you use something until you can't?
The ramp works great! We are so thankful to have had this done for us. We were complete strangers who needed help and help came. Thank you to the crew and everyone involved that helped make this happen. It is truly appreciated and it means so much to us!!

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