Friday, September 21, 2018

Pixie Dust and Magic

The other day, before school, Hailey noticed a glowing light dancing around the room. (Her dad’s watch was reflecting against the sun and making a rainbow light on the walls) Hailey’s explanation of the Mystery light was simple, “It’s Tinkerbell coming to visit me!” Since we haven’t been to #Disneyland in quite some time Tinkerbell MUST be wondering where Hailey is right? Hailey had to go to school but Hailey was thrilled with the quick visit from her favorite fairy. 
I thought it would be fun (maybe I’m completely silly) to have a little door that lead to Pixie Hollow that Tinkerbell could use when she visits. It’s a long way to fly from Disneyland to Vegas! 
So I made a map and I hid it by the stairs. When Hailey was going upstairs to bed she found this magical map and I’d never seen her so curious and excited at the same time. We read the note and followed the map and there in Hailey’s room we found a little door that leads to Pixie Hollow for our friend Tink so she can visit Hailey! Just a little magic for my girl. (She doesn’t know that this magic little door can be taken from place to place if needed). Who knows? It might show up when we have to visit Utah next 😉

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