Monday, May 5, 2014

It's Baseball Season again!!

Last year we discovered that Hailey enjoyed going to baseball games. This year we really wanted to make sure to take her to a few. Thanks to a very generous friends we were given a 4-pack of tickets to  attend a Saturday night game! 

We invited Hailey's cousin to join us and the girls had a blast! They even talked us into getting them snow cones! YUM! 

The mascot Cosmo made his way over to us and we took some fun photos! This was the first time we've ever seen Cosmo this close!

The girls are funny. Hailey's cousin asked me if Cosmo was an animal? I said, no he is an Alien. Then  they both started asking even more questions. Does he live on the moon? Does he sleep in a spaceship? What does he eat? Yes, Yes, and Snow Cones. HA! 

We hope that we get to go again for Make a Wish night at the end of May. Hailey had a lot of fun last year and we miss our Make a Wish friends! 

Thank you to Kelsee and Doug for the game tickets! We appreciate the opportunities to take Hailey to do such fun things and get to take pictures to add to our memories! 

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