Friday, May 30, 2014

Hailey is Graduating!!

When Hailey started Kindergarten she didn't know her ABC's (except for H) and she couldn't count pass 6. She did know her colors and most of her shapes, but she wasn't where she was suppose to be. As long as she was having fun at school I wasn't too worried about what she would be expected to learn. Did you know that kids are suppose to be able to read a clock in Kindergarten?! I didn't learn that in Kindergarten... Her doctors told us, she wouldn't be able to learn her ABC's let alone be able to even speak. Even some people in the school district suggested that Hailey be put in a medical type environment rather then a public school one. Hailey is forever proving people wrong. Not that they were doubting her, but they looked at textbooks instead of looking at Hailey. 

This was Hailey on her first day of Kindergarten 2013
She was very excited to get back to school and especially to take the bus.

For the most part this school year was great. I owe the principal a HUGE thank you for everything she did for us. Every time I had a concern she would listen and do her best to help. Hailey's school worked with me on all of Hailey's needs, from feeds to medications. Hailey's school nurse had NEVER had a child that had a g-tube and Hailey was her first. I am sure Hailey has made an impression on the nurse to last for a while. 
We hopefully have dealt with the issues concerning Hailey and her being given a 1 on 1 aide. I guess when school starts up again we will see how that ends up. I had blogged earlier on how we ended up having to hire an advocate. I hope they have finally listened to our concerns.
I had a lot of fun being in the classroom and sharing arts and crafts with all the kids. Hailey has made lots of new friends and really loves her teacher. By January Hailey had learned 1/2 of her ABC's and now upon completion of Kindergarten Hailey knows ALL her ABC's! That is an incredible accomplishment. Hailey has great reading comprehension skills. We are going to put Hailey in a General Education setting for 30 minutes a day for reading. It might be asking a lot, but I won't know what Hailey can do until we challenge her. If it ends up being too much we can always put her back in the special needs class. 
Hailey loves going to Library, Art, and Music and most of the time enjoyed getting PT, OT and Speech at school. ;0)
Hailey has done such a great job in school and we couldn't be more proud of everything she has accomplished and all the friends she has made!!

Congratulations on Graduating Kindergarten Hailey!!! We LOVE you!! 

It is a wish of mine that in 12 years I get to blog again that Hailey is graduating High School!! 

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