Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hailey's Make a Wish - We get our itinerary.

In Early February when we were in Disneyland we found out the dates of our Make a Wish trip for Hailey. We had let our whole family know and invited them to ALL come along. In March I had received a phone call letting me know when our make a wish granters were going to be coming over with our itinerary. We were very excited to see our friends and these friends are the best kind. They bring gifts when they come over! 

When Nancy and June came over they had a HUGE bag from the Disney Store with them. Hailey right away opened her arms. When she looked in and saw a HUGE Minnie Mouse plush she had the biggest smile and it didn't stop there.

Nancy and June also had a VERY special Barbie for Hailey. It was a Make a Wish Barbie. This Barbie is special because it's ONLY given to Wish Kids. You can't buy this in stores. It's also PINK! 

 We had also received an engraved photo album from Things Remembered. It has Hailey's Make a Wish on top and Give Kids the World on the bottom. I'm excited to fill the album with the memories we'll create on our trip!

 We were told we were not to worry about anything. They gave us luggage to use on our trip, T-shirts, buttons, and bracelets to wear. They also gave us this awesome pink backpack that we ended up using the WHOLE trip. It came in extremely handy! They set us up with a ride to and from the airport, a rental car while we were there, anything that we would be needing they provided. Amazing!

Thank you to Nancy and June and Alyssa (behind the scenes) for everything you did for us. We loved having you be OUR wish makers!

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