Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Little Mermaid - Take 2

So in August when we had taken Hailey to see the Little Mermaid in Tuachaun we got rained out and they exchanged our tickets for another show. We decided to go on Columbus day after Hailey got home from school. We weren't going to stay the night so it would be a quick trip!

The show was a lot of fun! Even more fun if you are not drenched in the middle of intermission looking for shelter in your $3.00 poncho. 

After the show Hailey was Hailey to meet and greet ALL the actors in the show and she even got them to all sign her ticket. That was her favorite part. She loves to get autographs! 

 The stars of the show Ariel and Prince Eric! We sat second row and during the bows Hailey blew Ariel and Kiss and Ariel blew on back! Hailey was giddy! Ariel even brought it up when they met.
 A hug for Hailey!! 

Prince Eric was pretty dreamy!  

Ursula the Sea Witch was one of Hailey's favorites because she's purple!  

It was a great show and we had lots of fun seeing how happy Hailey was. I love being able to do these things with her. The more memories the better!! 

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