Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Student of the Month for October 2014

We were so happy to hear that Hailey was chosen to be Student of the Month at school. For a child who absolutely LOVES school this was a big treat for her. 

Her teacher gave us a Super Student poster to fill out together and that was also a lot of fun. It will hang in her classroom all month long! 

Some of the highlights were: 

  • Curious George and Fancy Nancy are some of Hailey's favorite books
  • When asked who was her hero she named her Leukodystrophy friends we met in Buffalo this year.
  • The symbol that represents her Super Power is the Blue Leukodystrophy awareness ribbon
  • What Hailey LOVES to talk about? Being a Make a Wish Kid! 
  • Favorite thing to do? Sing "Let it Go"
  • If she could make a wrong in the world right, it would be NO more sick kids!! 
Congratulations Hailey! We are so proud of you and how hard you work at school. We know how much you love being with your friends and learning new things! 

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