Friday, November 1, 2013

What a difference a YEAR makes.

Last year Halloween wasn't very exciting. If was difficult to take Hailey trick or treating because she was in her wheelchair. Hauling a wheelchair up and down driveways and up and over steps wasn't easy and then we had her feeding tube going 24/7. Then you had the stares, and Hailey wasn't talking and it was just overwhelming and not fun. 

This year things are completly different. With Hailey able to take steps she wanted to go up to the houses and ring the doorbell. She is talking and she said Trick or Treat and Thank you. We only hook her up to her feeding machine during specific times of the day. She was very excited for her costume and to be with her friends to go house to house. When she got tired we put her in her stroller. She was such a trooper, pushing her body to do what SHE wanted it to do which can be difficult. 

Hailey had SO much fun this Halloween! 

 We went to every Halloween Party we were invited to. You have to take advantage of these good moments! 

People forget how tall Hailey is. She was horizontal for so long! 

 Hailey loved her Super Girl costume. She wore it half a dozen times this month! 

 Lots of fun at the School Carnival! 
 Playing games all by herself!
 Loving every moment! 

Last year I didn't expect to ever be able to walk Hailey up to a House for Halloween and have her say trick or treat. I thought my chance was gone. Hailey is always teaching me a lesson.  Whether it's to be brave, to always smile, to be determined, to keep fighting when others tell you to give up, or to be happy when you think there's nothing to be happy about. My sweet little girl has so much knowledge and she helps me grow as a person. I can't thank her enough for being my Super Hero!!!

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