Saturday, October 26, 2013

A GREAT Friday!

This week Hailey only went to school twice. We had a day off for parent teacher conferences, a day off for teacher in service and a day off for Nevada day! We still had therapies and a full schedule adding in a night of Trunk or Treating on Thursday!! So here is a look into what our Friday was like:

Hoping Hailey would sleep in on our day off I was thinking when I woke up it had to be about 8 am, but I looked at the clock and it was 5:45am. She doesn't even wake up that early for school! Why do kids do that? Josh went off to go to the gym and Hailey and I got ready for our busy day.

First up on our schedule was Physical Therapy. This was our 3 time this week at PT and Hailey was a bit of a cranky pants when we went last. So cranky, she didn't want to listen to her therapist and lost privileges to get to ride the big pink bike. We talked about listening and if she was good she'd get to ride the bike today. Hailey said she would listen. I was skeptical but very please to see she DID listen and earned riding the Pink Bike!

After PT we had another appointment. We headed over to the ValPak offices and we were presented with our check for $10,000 from the Reasons to Save contest we won!!! Hailey and I also got some pretty flowers and we had our pictures taken. I'm sure I'll post again when those photos go live! I've always wanted to get a GIANT check with my name on it and I DID! We had a lot of fun meeting the people behind the contest and sharing Hailey's story with them! Thank you again to everyone who voted and helped us win this!

LOVE Flowers!!

Then Hailey's grandma who works at the Mars Chocolate Factory here, invited us to attend their family Boo Bash Party. Let me tell you, there is no Halloween Party better then one thrown at a Chocolate Factory!! Chocolate. Every. Where.

There were also games where the prizes were full size M&M's, Starbursts, Skittles, Snickers, or 3 Musketeers bars! There was face painting, a hunted house, pumpkin walk, arts and crafts, and then everyone leaves with a Halloween bag STUFFED with MORE Mars Chocolate!! The bag was so heavy it made Hailey lean to the right so Josh had to help so she didn't timber over. LOL!

There was a booth for cotton candy, popcorn, bounce houses (Which we had to hide from Hailey so good thing they were in the back). There was a haunted house, and guess how many M&M's in a jar game. The answer was 1296. I guessed 1224...So close!

Take the picture below and times it by 10!! So much candy! A chocolate lovers paradise!

So that was our Friday. Hailey getting to ride the pink bike in PT, getting a GIANT check, then a Party at a Chocolate factory! It was a Great Friday! 

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