Saturday, July 6, 2013

I have the Biggest Littlest Pet Shop Fan!

Right before her birthday Hailey fell in LOVE with the Littlest Pet Shop animals! We started off with 9 but ended up with 50+ pets. There was a little girl who was done playing with her pets and donated them to Hailey. At first Hailey tried to name every single one of them, but it was getting a little out of hand and pretty darn tough to try and keep track. Now we have names like, pink bunny, brown puppy, zebra guy and fishy...

 Every time we leave the house Hailey gets to pick 1 pet to come along with us for the ride. She was kind of bummed they don't get to go to school with her.
 These pets are very loved and played with EVERY day.

They almost all fit inside of one of JOSH's old shoe boxes! 

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