Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hailey's Pups

After Josh and I got married and moved into a house the first thing on the list for me was to get a dog. Josh, not so much...or at all. Growing up I always had a dog around me. I always had big dogs though and I wanted MY dog to be a little dog. I had heard of puggles and knew I was going to get one of those! After getting our house I looked high and low for a puggle. I finally found one and also knew right away I was going to name her Daisy. 

Meet our puggle Daisy:
Don't let this picture deceive you. Daisy is HYPER! She did calm down a bit when I became pregnant with Hailey. She always sat by me and my belly. She needed 100% attention and at times still seeks that today. She will sit and stare at you as if to say, "you will love me, you won't be able to help it."

2 years later (Hailey wasn't born yet) I wanted to get another dog. Long story short. I found our next dog online and saved her...I mean adopted her. 
Meet our second pup...Chloe

Chloe is a loner in the most part, but if she is looking for Daisy and can't find her she goes insane. She's a guys dog. She loves Josh, my dad and Josh's dad. She wasn't too sure about Hailey once Hailey was born: 

Chloe: What's this thing?

Hailey can do anything she wants to Daisy. Daisy allows it. As long as you are touching Daisy you could be holding her tail, teething on her ears, or drooling on her head. She will love every minute of it.

 Like I said, Daisy is SO close to Hailey. Almost every picture I took of Hailey when she was a baby has Daisy in it.
If I leave our bedroom door open you will find Chloe to has snuck up on our bed and will be snoozing. Like I said, she's a loner most of the time, until Josh comes home or my dad comes over.
 I don't know who missed who more any of the times Hailey was in the hospital after she started getting "sick." I missed the dogs, Hailey missed the dogs and the dogs missed Hailey. I think that's why Hailey always loved visits in the hospital from the therapy dogs and I never passed up a chance to snuggle a pup when they walked by.

 Bringing Hailey home from the hospital Daisy right away went to Hailey's aid. Daisy sensed there was something wrong with Hailey's legs and feet and went to licking them better right away. She would forever lick Hailey if we let her.

Now since I am super paranoid to leave Hailey unattended even to go to the bathroom I had to enlist the help of my number one pup. I can have Hailey on the couch and ask Daisy to sit by her so Hailey doesn't attempt to roll off of the couch. Daisy will stay there until she is asked to move. Talk about HELPFUL!

 It's not only JUST Daisy though. Hailey and Chloe have a special relationship. It's a scratch my back I'll scratch yours kind of thing. Hailey wants to play with Chloe and Chloe allows Hailey to hold her rawhide. They both enjoy this.

Then when Hailey is at school Daisy keeps the bean bag warm until Hailey gets back, and Chloe can be found up in my bed. 
Yes dogs are expensive and they can drive you insane, but they also can keep you sane. Sometimes when Hailey is at school and it's just me and it's so quiet in the house I reach for a pup and hug it for a while. Sometime I feel like I don't give them enough attention because I'm so focused on Hailey. I know I can't buy forgiveness but I try to get those special yummy bacon treats for them or get those extra big rawhide bones they love. The thing I try to do most is sneak them onto my bed with me in the morning before Hailey wakes up and just snuggle. Don't tell Josh though!!


  1. Dogs are amazing! I got my husband a service dog after he returned from Iraq to help with mobility, assistance, and PTSD. If you ever need to, you can legally have your pup as a service dog for Hailey.

  2. That is adorable that Daisy is so attentive to Hailey! Dogs are so good at that unconditional love thing, aren't they? :)