Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hailey's Make a Wish

I got a phone call on Saturday from the Make a Wish Foundation. They wanted to come over, meet Hailey and find out what her wish would be. Hailey can't walk or talk but she can still understand most things. I told her that we had new friends that wanted to come over and meet her. I had been thinking what I would think she would want to do for her wish. I know I can ask her yes or no questions and she would understand most of it. 
I had thought that since we haven't left our home unless it was to spend time in a hospital that we all needed a family vacation. Hailey loves all things Disney. Disney Jr. plays on loop at our house. When the wish makers came over they were so excited to meet Hailey and Hailey gave them some really big smiles. During her interview they asked her what her favorite colors where. They asked if it was purple and she slightly shook her head no. When they asked if it was pink Hailey smiled really big. They found out that Hailey likes bows in her hair, glitter on her shirts, and knee high crazy socks under her AFO's.

So we had a decision to make. Here are our choices: 

1) A Disney Cruise - Everything is in one place. If Hailey needs to rest or needs to feed you could simply go back to your room and do so. There is a pool to swim in. They launch from California so it wouldn't be across the country. They only stayed on the water and you wouldn't depart. It'd be 3 days 4 nights. Characters are on the ship and they have movies and musicals to see. 

2) A DisneyWorld Vacation - 2 days at DisneyWorld, 1 day at Sea World, 1 day at Universal Studios and 1 day at a Safari Park. You stay at Give Kid the World cottages. There is a LOT more to see and do. Hailey LOVES animals so seeing dolphins and whales at Sea World and Giraffes and Lions at the Safari Park would be a lot of fun for her. They have Make a Wish Lounges so we wouldn't have to go back to the cottage to feed her. Universal has Curious George and Seuss Landing. She LOVES George and Dr. Seuss both! It's across the country and a long flight away. I don't know how to travel with her and everything she needs on a plane. How does she sit in the seat? Does she use her car seat? 

It's a tough choice! I posted this on facebook and got some great responses!! One idea that I really loved was to make a board of both places for Hailey with pictures. I thought that was a great comment that was left on Facebook. So that's what I did. While Hailey was feeding I made 2 picture boards and told her about each picture. One was Mickey House and one was Mickey Boat. 

Previously someone had told me about www.givekidstheworld.org when I looked it up and read all about it, it made me teary eyed. I watched the video and saw all the kids in wheelchairs who looked similar to Hailey and they were laughing and happy! They were included in everything done. They were able to be put in water wheel chairs and either go in the pool or get pushed through the splash pad. I honestly think Hailey would enjoy seeing other children similar to her that are in wheelchairs also. She has never interacted with another child in a wheelchair. She will get to see that she's not the only one. I won't feel like I am the only person with a special needs child in a wheelchair. Hailey did a great job talking with her wish makers, watching videos of both places, and using her visual boards to make her decision. 
So I will call her wish makers and let them know that Hailey would LOVE to go to 


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  1. You are going to have an absolutely amazing time, Disney is a fantastic place and it will produce some huge smiles, so get your tissues ready, you're going to need them on your magical trip!!! x