Thursday, April 3, 2014

A new way to see the world.

Hailey has been seeing an ophthalmologist since her very first episode in 2011 when her eye crossed and she couldn't look at me. They have always just monitored her vision and kept an eye on her optical nerve. When she had her feeding tube placed and she stopped speaking it was harder to test her because she could not communicate the different shapes/pictures that were being shown to her. As her speech progressed she was able to tell us what she could see. It always deteriorated a little more with every visit, but we always ended up leaving without a prescription until the latest time just a few weeks ago. 

We took Hailey to her yearly check up along with a note from school saying Hailey had failed the testing at school. I wasn't too concerned that she didn't do well at the test at school because I didn't know if they took into consideration that Hailey was a child with special needs and a terminal brain disease. An eye test can't be the same for all these different types of children. Can they?

That's the part that drives me nuts. When they told us that they suggest Hailey get glasses and we get the prescription I had no idea that Hailey's eye sight could be SO bad! It felt like going 0-60. I would have thought that her vision would have slowly gone bad, but her right eye is pretty bad. When I ask her if she can see better with them her answer changes every time. When she wears them she has a lot of trouble with depth perception. I have no idea what to think of these glasses and the prescription. I know Hailey goes to a board certified professional and they have to have a lot of knowledge to do what they do, I guess it's just hard to take on one more thing that leads us in the direction of her disease. 

SO...we took Hailey to have her pick out the frames that she likes best. Too bad for her there were none that were completely PINK. We did find a pink and purple combo that she was pretty happy with. She'll start off wearing them for a few hours at a time until it's an all day everyday thing. 

So far Hailey is okay with a few hours of wearing her new glasses. We will work our way up to more hours little by little. I have 2 sisters and now each of us have a daughter that wears glasses. Isn't that odd? 

I didn't think our Hailey could get any cuter, but I was wrong! 

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