Monday, July 14, 2014

Join us as we participate in the Every Step Walk

YOU CAN HELP!! We are counting down the days until we will be at the Hunter's Hope Family Symposium. On Friday July 25th (which happens to be Hailey's dad's birthday!!!!) we will be walking with other families affected by Leukodystrophy in the Every Step Walk. I just registered our family!! Please check out and SHARE our fundraising page.

Why I'm Walking in Every Step 
I am committed to Every Step because there are many children who don't have a fair chance at a healthy life, simply because they were born in the wrong state. The stories are heartbreaking - and the simple truth - it's preventable. 

I know first hand that Newborn Screening is making a difference in the lives of thousands of children born each day. One heal prick is all it takes. The money I raise will be used by Hunter's Hope to educate and advocate for expanded and universal newborn screening programs, fund research to identify new treatments, and ultimately a cure for Krabbe and Leukodystrophies and support families affected by these devestating diseases. 

Through the Hunter James Kelly Research Institute, The Hunter's Hope Foundation is also activley engaging in research for a cure for Krabbe and other Leukodystrophies.  Donating to Hunter's Hope not only helps advocacy efforts for expanded and universal newborn screening, it is also a tangable way to fight for those now living with Leukodystrophies. 

Please Join Me Today! 
I can't do it without your help. Although every walker is challenged to raise $100, my goal is to raise much more. You can support me by walking or making a donation to my fundraising campaign by clicking on the donate button. If you prefer to write a check, just contact me and I will send you the information. 

While you're here, you might want to spend some time learning more about Krabbe, Leukodystrophies & Newborn Screening. You can also find out more about the children and the families that are helped by all the money we raised. 

Every Step we take together can make a difference!

Thank you! 

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