Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our Story Continues...Something FUN! Roos and More!

Our friend Christina and her family invited us to go to Roos and More with them. It was a little ways away so we'd be in the car for about an hour to get there. Now that Hailey has this g-tube we CAN NOT be on time to go anywhere! We are always late... 
At first I was apprehensive, I am always thinking about Murphy's Law and us. After all we go hand in hand. I know this is odd, but I kept thinking that the animals might attack Hailey if they smelled her formula. They didn't of course, but the thought still crossed my mind. We packed up our medical/diaper/personal bag and headed on out. On a side note, I feel like I'm carrying a suitcase every time we go anywhere with that bag. I need something more convenient.  We started the iPad and put Hailey in her car seat with her shades.
 Once we got there and saw all the cute animals I was more calm. We want to and need to do fun things with Hailey and she enjoys animals. We saw a camel, zebra, an owl, kangaroos, wallabies, and otters!
 This is an albino Wallaby. So cute! 
 Another Wallaby and Hailey.
 Josh even got in on petting the animals. Me, well I was fine just taking pictures. 
 They come right up to you!
 Check this guy out. This is a real live Kangaroo! He's also a super star. He's been in commercials. He was HUGE!!
 This was a teeny tiny baby wallaby. They let Hailey snuggle her.
 Then it was time to see the Otters. Have you ever been introduced to Otters? They are NAUGHTY! They climb you, try to steal from you, chew on your loose clothing. They are pretty funny at the same time though.
 STOWAWAY!!! One jumped into Hailey's basket waiting for a lift outside the walls of Roos and More.
Check this guy out. He is SMILING at the camera! These guys are such characters. I was glad that we did decide to take Hailey here and thanks to my friend Christina for putting it all together. We had a blast!

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